Solution-Focused Psychotherapy

People come to me for help in identifying and overcoming the obstacles that stand between them and a more fulfilling life. To do that, we’ll work together to help you achieve insight into what’s been holding you back — and what actions you can take to move forward. Not in some far-off future, but right away... This is what “solution-focused” psychotherapy is all about. Productive, proactive, and positive change. Right now.

My Services

Individual Counseling

A safe, supportive confidential relationship which serves to encourage positive change for my clients. I work with adults, adolescents, and children 8-years-old and up.

Couples & Family Counseling

Dynamics between two or more people in a family system are examined, challenged, and re-defined if necessary. Communication skills are emphasized and improved upon. Everyone’s voice is heard and respected.

Conflict Resolution Coaching

This process can benefit any relationship that’s been stalled by unresolved conflict: arguments in which no one feels heard or understood. Find a productive middle ground with partners, co-workers, team members, or anyone you’re struggling to communicate with.

Parenting Coaching

Sometimes even the most creative and dedicated parents are stumped by new challenges presented by their kids. Coaching provides encouragement, brainstorming, fresh perspectives, reality checks, up-to-date information, empathy, and more.

Divorce & Post-Divorce Family Strategies

Limiting the upheaval and damage caused by divorce is crucial. This service is vital for anyone seeking healthy outcomes in transitioning to life after a marriage has ended.

Forensic/Court-Ordered Family Services

Several types of treatment are offered here which judges may require in high-conflict family court cases. Emphasis will always be on finding healthy, affordable, practical solutions that meet the needs of everyone in the family, whenever possible.