Services + Fees

I do not contract directly with insurance companies, but will, upon request, provide receipts that clients may submit on their own for reimbursement. Clients are responsible for payment (cash, check, or credit cards accepted), due at the end of each session.

Individual Counseling

One-on-one conversations in which both participants — the client and the therapist — are fully present and focused. These are ongoing meetings in which I’ll support, challenge, and encourage clients to move towards the goals they’ve identified for themselves. For adults, adolescents, and pre-adolescents.

$200/initial consult

Couples & Family Counseling

Some clients come into treatment knowing at the outset that they want to work on relationship issues jointly with their partners and/or other family members. Others begin treatment working individually, and through our conversations it becomes clear that involving others in the process will be helpful. The roles people play in a family system; the dynamics between couples, parents, children, and siblings; communication skills and strategies — all are examined and improvement sought in these sessions.

$200/initial consult
$175/60-minute session; $250/90-minute session

Conflict Resolution Coaching

Learn how to engage in, address, and resolve conflict productively — whether in the workplace (work partners, bosses, peers), or with extended family, friends, or members of a community. The process may involve one person seeking greater proficiency and harmony, or may bring in some or all those affected by the conflict.


Parenting Coaching

Our job, as parents, is to learn from each of our kids what they need, and how to best support and encourage them to become fully themselves. And just when we get good at the job, our kids get a little older, enter a new stage in their development, and we have to rethink and relearn everything. Parenting coaching is a customized, intensive crash-course in being the best parent possible. This may include:

  • Learning when to say yes, no, or stay out of it altogether.
  • Finding the joy and the fun in our relationships with our kids.
  • Getting away from “punishment,” and moving towards “natural consequences” instead.
  • Managing sibling rivalry when necessary; learning when to let it play out and why that’s
  • Addressing and reducing intense pressure to compete (for grades, college admissions, on
    social media, with other families).
  • Setting age appropriate and healthy limits on kids’ activities, including their use of
  • Teaching kids to be critical, knowledgable consumers of media.

$175/session, variable length*

Divorce and Post-Divorce Family Strategies

A certain amount of emotional upheaval is a given for any family experiencing divorce. These services focus on limiting the damage done to everyone involved. We’ll work together to come up with the best possible strategies to address:

  • Co-parenting after divorce.
  • Telling kids about a separation or divorce.
  • Age-appropriate parenting time arrangements.
  • Maintaining relationships with kids with new limits to time spent with each other.
  • Creating a sense of stability, safety, and continuity between two different households.
  • Reducing stress.
  • Improving communication.
  • How (and whether) to talk to kids about the other parent.


Forensic/Court-Ordered Family Service

As a member of the Association of Family & Conciliation Courts, and a previous member of a Collaborative Divorce professional practice group, I’ve worked for over a decade with other professionals — attorneys, financial advisors, and other mental health providers — who are committed to resolving family conflict. This work often involves providing services that have been court-ordered in effort to achieve resolution. Judges may require treatment, or some clients choose to preemptively seek treatment. Services include:

  • Co-parenting Counseling
  • Reunification Counseling
  • Parenting Consultation

$200-250/session (depending on documentation required)